Thursday, March 31, 2011

'Source Code' Review

Much to my surprise (though I should have known since I got the memo that he was in town), budding sci-fi maestro Duncan Jones popped in for a Q&A after my screening of "Source Code," where he thankfully wasn't introduced with the belittling, seemingly inescapable title of "David Bowie's son." He was just as serious-director-meets-giggly-geek as you'd expect, and it's always fun to hear about a filmmaker's process straight from the horse's mouth, but the more Jones divulged about where his head was at with this one (read: all over the place), the more like a ready-to-topple Jenga tower the film seemed.

Which, dear reader, will have very little effect on your enjoyment of the film, I assure you. This is a much more accomplished follow-up to "Moon" than I was expecting. It just has "Inception"-level conceptual ambitions without that same level of follow through. It's not much worth trying to wrap your head around on the car ride home. I touch on this in my review (which I'm still getting to -- god, do I ever shut up?), but remain vague lest I even attempt to fit any semblance of a spoiler into 350 words.

With that, read on, and gather a little more intel about this thriller, which really is worth the trip. The review's up on CLICK HERE.

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