Saturday, March 12, 2011

Early Contenders for Posters of the Year

UPDATE: The posters for "Kaboom" and "The Skin That I Inhabit" were added to the original five-poster post. Thanks to Michael C. from Serious Film for reminding me of the latter.


Michael C. said...

Yes to all these, especially Meek's Cutoff, but I think my favorite so far is that illustrated one for Almodovar's THe Skin That I Inhabit.

Kurtis O said...

I can't believe I forgot about "The Skin That I Inhabit!" I love that poster, too, and was even considering writing up an article inspired by it. How funny that it totally slipped my mind. Thanks for mentioning it.

Mikhael Tarigan said...

I think Malik’s Tree of Life poster is really good. And i kinda like Anne Hathaway’s One Day poster.

But no doubt about Meek’s Cutoff and Cold Weather, and yeah pretty much to all of these.