Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Invictus' Review

Great story. Great concept. Great message. Mediocre movie. Clint Eastwood's much-anticipated "Invictus" is, more than anything, a disappointment, which will probably nab a wealth of undeserved Oscar nominations.

I love the two actors above just as much as the next American moviegoer, but this film hardly showcases their talents, or Eastwood's, for that matter. Read my full review, now online at CLICK HERE.

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Wally Howe said...

I think the casting of Morgan Freeman was perfect if a little safe. Nobody could pull off Nelson Mandela like he did in this movie. Matt Damon came as a surprise to me, but he put so much effort into getting his portrayal of Pienaar right that I just couldn’t help but enjoy him in this movie. I think what the movie achieves in terms of these two people is that they both succeeded in being strong leaders without ever having to shout for respect. The movie could have been a little better, but I think it was still a really good look into the real struggles of post-apartheid South Africa.