Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Blue Valentine' Review

Still reviewing the late offerings of 2010 as they creep into Philadelphia theaters. I feel like a saw "Blue Valentine" half a year ago. But, I tell ya, I much prefer to stick with analyses of the best of the year gone by than wallow in what is always the January dumping ground. This week, I missed screenings for both "The Dilemma" and "The Green Hornet" (due to inclement weather and the boyfriend's birthday, respectively), and it's probably just as well. I'm just gonna keep on pretending it's still 2010 until the announcement of the Oscar nominations.

A brief SPOILER/DISCLAIMER: I totally took the position in this review that Dean and Cindy's relationship indeed ends when the movie does. I know that's not exactly how the film leaves things, and it probably isn't the viewer conclusion the filmmaker intended, but it's how I chose to perceive it. There's enough history and connective tissue between the two to know they won't be out of each other's lives completely, but you don't get the full ache unless you embrace the notion that their love is doomed. Plus, that devastating disrespect Cindy feels toward Dean? So intense that she can hardly bear his touch? In my experience, that's an unwashable stain.

Read my full review of "Blue Valentine," now online at CLICK HERE.

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