Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Star Gazer Suite? Thanks, But No Thanks

Allow me to share with you the details of an actual press release that landed in my inbox. It's probably the weirdest film-related release I've received. It's geared toward residents of PA's King of Prussia/Valley Forge region, which is near my home and coverage area, but I imagine it's being promoted nationally throughout the Radisson Hotel chain. The release reads like so:

Director Derek Cianfrance and
Michelle Williams in Motel Hell
"In honor of the recent 'Blue Valentine' movie release, and in conjunction with upcoming Valentine’s Day in February, Radisson Valley Forge is offering guests an opportunity to experience one of our fantasy suites featured in the film as part of our 'Blue Valentine' weekend package. The 'Blue Valentine Package' includes overnight accommodations in the Star Gazer Fantasy Suite, where scenes of the movie were filmed with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, a complimentary in-room movie, popcorn, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. The unique galactic décor of Star Gazer Suite is a fun take on a futuristic cosmic theme appealing to sci-fi lovers and adventure seeking couples."

Blue, through and through
Uhh...come again? To sum things up for the uninitiated, the aforementioned Star Gazer suite is where some of "Blue Valentine's" most devastating emotional wounds are enflicted, and it's basically where you see the lead couple's love reach the dreariest depths of irreparability. It's where you see Michelle Williams express such crushing disgust and dissatisfaction with on-screen husband Ryan Gosling that she needs to disassociate herself to even attempt any semblance of lovemaking. It's where she walks out in the early hours without warning or notification, and leaves Gosling heartbroken, hungover and infuriated. Tackily lit and tin-foiled to boot, it's a Misery Suite. Quite honestly, Radisson execs, I would sooner book a room at the Bates Motel or even the Overlook.

In any event, for those of you gloom junkies who find this proposition appealing, and happen to be in the Valley Forge area, you can book the "Blue Valentine Package" by calling 610-878-8495. You can find additional info about the package and the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge by calling 215-972-2734 or emailing Teresa Cheng at

Good luck with all that.

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