Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Natalie and 'Norbit'

Of sweet girls and "Dreamgirls"
Over at The Film Experience, I concocted a post about Natalie Portman's very crowded (and not so promising) 2011 slate, and how it may damage her chances for Oscar, a la Eddie Murphy's assumed self-destruction with "Norbit" in the 2006 season.

To my delight, the post sparked much discussion among TFE's astute and articulate readers. Part of the reason I wanted to post it was to start a dialogue about the Best Actress race in general, as I haven't heard a whole lot from folks about who they believe is the definite frontrunner. The comments suggest a Portman consensus, but there's still plenty of faith in Bening.

To read the post and the convo that followed, CLICK HERE.

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