Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - The Year in Review - Best Movies

We come to it at last. I loved this film year, and I'm definitely not one who declares, each December, whether or not it was a good year for movies. I simply had a ball. I saw and reviewed more movies in 2010 than in any other year, and 12 of those movies landed in my 5-star column (if we must compare, last year there were only 9).

You can read my Top Ten of 2010 list now at, complete with honorable mentions and the two runners-up that were very hard to demote. CLICK HERE.

*For more year-end fun, check out my Worst Films of the Year, as well as my essay/exercise, "If I Were a Movie." 

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Jose said...

Interesting choices, I really wanna see Blue Valentine. Just one question, if we were counting A Prophet as an 09 release, which 2010 movie would've entered the list?

Kurtis O said...

Either "The Kids Are All Right" or "Animal Kingdom," with the edge going to "Kids." Both were tough to bump off the list -- I considered a Top 12.