Thursday, March 25, 2010

'City Island' Review

Truth be told, I was rather tough on this film. And, a few of the sentences I used to lighten the critical load in my review were cut from the final product (alas, a peril of the trade). But just before seeing "City Island," I received a mass email from writer/director Raymond De Felitta discussing how he wanted to shed some light on the oft-unexplored neighborhood of the title. Sorry, Ray, but I didn't get that while watching the movie.

What I did get was an overall well-acted and intermittently funny, but ultimately manic extended sitcom with a mood disorder. That's not to say I didn't kinda like it, but I definitely didn't like all the directions in which it tried to pull me. Enough jabbering. Please read my full review, now online at CLICK HERE. Go! It's worth the click! I promise!

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