Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Rabbit Hole' Review

I can't say my tastes align with all of the awards bodies this year (I simply do not get the whole Mila Kunis thing), but in a year packed with great female turns, I'd be very happy to see Nicole Kidman among the Best Actress nominees for Oscar. Though she's made some interesting choices through the better part of the last decade, I don't believe I've ever seen Kidman give less than a fine performance, and her work in "Rabbit Hole" is her best since "The Hours."

And on that note, I've never been with the consensus that the actress's "work" has gotten in the way of her work. I'm talking, of course, about Kidman's lips and whatever else she's altered, which critics have notoriously cited as a barrier against her plausibility as an actor. I disagree. Either that or I'm just missing something. I've always felt she's embodied her characters in whichever ways they require.

Read more on what I had to say about her and her new film in my review of "Rabbit Hole," now online at CLICK HERE.

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