Thursday, April 7, 2011

'Hanna' Review

It's worth noting that every time I searched "hanna movie" in Google Images, a certain infernally smiley Disney Channel alum took up a good 40 percent of the results. I should have expected as much, but honestly, the name connection never occurred to me. Now I can't stop thinking about what a fun potential movie mash-up we've got on our hands here. It's not that much of a stretch, really: father grooms daughter to become uncannily powerful super-princess, ultimately hangs self in the process. Might we get these two teen queens together for a combo sequel/spinoff? "The Hannas Go Bananas?" Saorsie Ronan's character already has all the pop culture coaching she'll need from her bi-curious BFF, and guns aren't exactly scarce in Miley's hometown of Nashville. They could travel the world and...

...okay, I digress. But I was onto something there. Anyway, Joe Wright's "Hanna" is one trippy chase thriller, and while indeed rather showy, it's a very welcome departure from the debacle of "The Soloist" ("it's Wright's atonement and then some," I tweeted...hehehe). Its sheer bizarreness is its best quality, save a performance from Ronan that's...well, it's no Hannah Montana.

Read my full review of "Hanna," now online at CLICK HERE.

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