Sunday, April 24, 2011

Linking 'Batman' and 'Tomb Raider'

I did double duty over at The Film Experience last Friday, offering both an "April Showers" post and a circus-themed post, the latter to mark the arrival of "Water for Elephants" (which, ahem, we'll get to later this week). The "April Showers" article brought us into the private washroom of Ms. Lara Croft, whom Angelina Jolie so fully embodied in "Tomb Raider." The piece points out the delicious excess of Croft's post-training shower scene, complete with visual aides to highlight its best assets. TAKE A LOOK.

Then came the big-top Batman piece, which dissects the gaudy, Robin-birthing circus scene in "Batman Forever," Joel Schumacher's beginning-of-the-end comic book threequel. A major movie of my youth (for better of worse), "Forever" proved quite generous in terms of screen grabs, serving sideshow and close-up realness (okay, "realness" is nowhere in sight, but shut up -- I'm in a "Drag Race" state of mind). For all the Bat-trapeze action, CLICK HERE.

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