Thursday, June 16, 2011

'Beginners' Review

Ewan McGregor keeps up his gay-friendly filmography, and Christopher Plummer all but cements a spot in the Suporting Actor race in "Beginners," Mike Mills great, if not perfect, new dramedy based on his own experience with his dad. I stress the "not perfect" bit because the film is so sublime, its few flaws are especially glaring.

But no matter. This is predominantly soulful, beautiful stuff, rife with visual and emotional high notes. Read more about what it made me feel in my full review, now online at CLICK HERE.


Michael said...

Christopher Plummer is going from being one of thoseg greats who was never nominated to being a staple in the Supporting Actor race! Love it.

Janice said...

Michael - I'm not sure when, exactly, I fell in love with Christopher Plummer (as an actor, of course); I think it was watching his lithe hamminess, his joy in Dr Parnassus (the young'uns in the film should have been taking notes, I hope.)

This is the first review I've read to mention the reference to the Velveteen Rabbit; now I MUST see this film - I've had a huge mushy spot in my heart for TVR ever since I was a little girl.

Kurtis O said...

Janice -- the Velveteen Rabbit passage is beautifully implemented, and caps off the movie's best segment. If you have strong connections to the story, I imagine you'll really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading! :)