Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Cedar Rapids' Review

A sweet surprise, this one, with the lovable fingerprints of co-exec. producer Alexander Payne all over it. Not that it was by any means a Eureka! discussion, but I was just chatting with someone about films that achieve success by applying sharp and endearing quirks to beaten-to-death frameworks. "Cedar Rapids" is a fine example of precisely that.

Anne Heche and Ed Helms. How is his career bigger than hers?
Catch my full review of this Middle-America-workplace indie, now online at CLICK HERE.

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Vince in WeHo said...

John C. Reilly was amazing. He came on a little strong at first. But by the time he is making the R2D2 sounds in the pool and enjoys himself ... you are right, never been funnier.