Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Rewind: Linking Valentines and Afterglow

Last month I continued my exciting contributions to Nathaniel Rogers' The Film Experience. (Not a regular reader of that site? GET ON IT!)

For Valentine's Day, I offered a post I was only too happy to whip up: a lovestruck tribute to Jane Campion's splendid 2009 offering "Bright Star."

Beyond addressing the film's unforgivable snubbing throughout awards season, I gave my screen-capture program a workout by including a lovely handful of the movie's frameworthy stills. CHECK IT OUT.

Later in February, I penned a last-minute, pre-Oscar post about the plusses and minuses of that ever-growing trend: Oscar afterglow. You know you're familiar with it. It's become nearly as common as poor Oscarcast ratings. GET MY TAKE.

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