Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Office

Confession: I've been dying to do this post for a really long time. I know full well that it's extremely self-indulgent, but honestly, if I were to come across such a post on someone else's blog, I'd be hugely fascinated. Let's go ahead and say that's half the reason I'm publishing it. My office is the one room in our apartment that's wholly devoted to movies. It's the upscale version of the bedroom of my youth, which was papered, floor to ceiling, with filmic paraphernalia. It's a pretty spot-on reflection of me. Here I'll give a tour of its sections, all of which, you'll see, follow a color scheme ("Oh god, here we go," I heard you say...)

These posters alternate frequently, with one cardinal rule: I must adore the film and the poster. I won't put up that which advertises garbage simply because it's pretty, nor will I put up a poster for a great movie if it's ugly (i.e. no "Winter's Bone").

Moving to the left, this is the wall adjacent to the last one. Hanging above my worktable is an amalgamation of stuff culled from my old bedroom, from ticket stubs to magazine clippings to film school equipment. Clockwise from top left: quite possibly my favorite shot of Meryl Streep, a ticket assemblage with stills of Bette Davis and Cary Grant, a photo I took of my favorite local theater, a reel from my grandfather's projector, a decoupage of various stubs, an original photo of the "Gone with the Wind" premiere (a gift from a friend), pics of Maria Falconetti and Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart and, finally, my student film -- all on one little reel.

I've long been enamored of Vanity Fair covers, and found they were among the very few magazine-sized, tack-on-the-wall sort of things that warrant a large frame by themselves (it doesn't hurt that these particular fold-outs fit that color scheme perfectly). Along with them we have actual Vanity Fair issues, a picture of my honey, a few awards (oh, stop), a poster for "The September Issue" and, tucked away with the other mags, the very September Vogue in question -- that Sienna Miller-fronted beast from 2007. (Beneath the mags is a desktop computer, but that, like the worktable, isn't all that fetching.)

My "Hours" gals. This is one of my favorite posters ever. It's SO beautiful, and worthy of permanent placement. To account for the size of the space it had to fill, I had to cut it and squeeze it into a smaller frame. Here's the secret: I trimmed around the the right side of Meryl and moved her closer to Julianne and Nicole. No one ever notices.

I know, I know -- it's SUCH a bloody cliche. But come on -- it's in Italian.

When Brandon and I combined our stuff, his "Titanic" joined my "Brokeback Mountain" and "Atonement," and thus was born our Love Conquers All wall. The knickknacks include my grandfather's projector, its corresponding match that I found at a thrift shop, old cameras, an old hat (we like to pretend it belongs to Angelina "I want my son back" Jolie), a slate, the clamshell for "King Kong," 3D glasses and framed pics of Katherine Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Orson Welles and Greta Garbo.

A lot of people accuse me of being anal for alphabetizing my DVDs. The response is simple: a) I am rather anal, and b) How the hell would I ever find anything if they weren't aplhabetized!?! This is where the geek in me comes out full-blast -- this here is my baby. My film collection is my favorite material thing on the planet. It's been growing for over a decade and, as you can imagine, I am in firm, life-sustaining denial of DVD being replaced as the premiere home video format. Not under my roof, darling.

If you've taken the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed my little office tour, and I hope I made it entertaining enough to distract from the self-indulgence. Now, back to work...


Amir said...

what an office!
and i love that Carlos is the only DVD that stands out without enlarging the image.
i should buy that one soon!

Anonymous said...

Melissa said...
I've been in this room so many times and I still did not know the explanation of everything! Thanks! I truly enjoyed this post!!!

terry seale said...

This room is what all of our rooms should reflect: what has made/is still making us the self we are today. So personal. I just love it!

seasondays said...

great post

i was fascinated, this is the kind of stuff that makes for a good blog.

i also alphabetize my dvd collection, it is so much easier

Kurtis O said...

glad to see people enjoyed this.

Amir -- I made that case for Carlos. It's actually three cases against one another, each with the text positioned differently so it reads as one when they're together. Confession: I still haven't watched it!!

seasondays -- "this is the kind of stuff that makes for a good blog." i appreciate that, especially considering I was pretty apprehensive about this post.

thanks y'all

Evan said...
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Blake Mitchell said...

Wow! It must be fun having an office like this. Being a movie critic must be fun and it's really an envious job. Oh I also agree that your voluminous DVDs should be alphabetically arranged, so it will be easier to find them, right? How I wish that I were in your life now. Anyway, thanks for posting this; it's been a while since I read something interesting.

Gerry Bossier said...

Nice office dude! It must be nice that you'll just watch some movies, sitting in your comfy chair and eating snacks. One good thing about working at home is that, you are your own boss and you can even change the design of your office whenever you decide to make it. But still you're literally living the dream, so it's best to enjoy it, right?

Kurtis O said...

Blake and Gerry -- thanks for your enthusiasm and for stopping by the site. both remarks gave me a much-needed, appreciate-what-I've-got sort of boost. many thanks for that. :)