Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've Been Wondering...

...just how much dough is Entertainment Weekly collecting from Summit Entertainment/Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" empire? Half the box-office take? First they covered the popularity of the book, then they went nutso over the movie, now they've got another cover story promoting a book about the movie. What should we expect when "New Moon" hits theaters this fall? A garlic-scented magazine with fur and bite marks?

In all fairness, three of the covers above are separate versions of the same "collector's edition" issue, but that's still a whole lot of coverage for one topic, no? One need only flip to EW's back, "Bullseye" page to know that there are A LOT more stories in Hollywood than a certain teenage vampire romance (like -- ahem -- Oscar, who is now a two-time EW loser after Obama snagged top billing on the nominations announcement issue).

Seriously, when have two actors' faces been featured so prominently and frequently on the front of the same publication? (Okay, okay, Brangelina and cheesy tabloids not included.) Why do I complain? Because I love EW and I know they're better than this. Stop the obsessions -- which also include "Lost" and Tina Fey -- and give us loyal readers something new.

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