Monday, September 1, 2008

Musicals Cash In

In a desperate effort to reel in audiences who haven't already scoffed at the mess on display in the big screen adaptation of "Mamma Mia!," the film's producers have re-released it in a sing-along version. That's right: theater-goers can sing along, karaoke style, with Meryl, Christine Baranski and Stellan Skarsgaard, as the lyrics to "Dancing Queen" and "Money, Money, Money" pan across the bottom of the screen (as if that film needed any more choppy elements to assault and distract its viewers).

In a similar vein, Sony is attempting to resurrect its movie version of Jonathan Larson's "RENT"...sort of...

As part of its "The Hot Ticket" series, which takes filmed performances of live shows (anything from sports to concerts) and markets them for the moviegoing public, "RENT: Hot Ticket" will feature the long-running Broadway hit's final Sept. 7 performance, as well as interviews with the original cast. While I'm sure the cinema-cum-Broadway mash-up will hit DVD sooner or later, the film will only be shown in theaters on four dates: Wed., Sept. 24; Thurs., Sept. 25; Sat., Sept. 27; and Sun., Sept. 28. So, it seems, it's almost as hot a ticket as the actual show.

No day but today...and tomorrow...and two days this weekend...but that's it.

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