Monday, September 22, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have 'SEX'

Rumors have been buzzing about Sarah Jessica Parker and the gals teaming up again for a sequel to the incredibly successful, record-breaking "Sex and the City: The Movie."

While any idiot could have seen this coming, I personally think it's a bad idea. The first film was no masterpiece but, as I wrote, in appropriately fluffy style, "it's a delectable cherry atop the series." And there is where the cinematic treatment of the beloved show should remain. I have all six seasons placed securely on the top shelf of my DVD library - yep, in that uber-gay pink box - and I'm ready to place the (undoubtedly) pink DVD of the film right next to it. And that's where the 'Sex' should stop. Series, movie. Nice. Done. ...But try pitching that to the cash-hungry studios.

Yes, Chapter 2 in the Book of Cosmo-Swigging and Louis Vuitton-Slinging will surely reach theaters within the decade. In the meantime, the girls' first big-screen outing arrives on DVD this Tuesday and, as mentioned, I've already designated a spot for it in the library.

Elswhere in the collection - of which I tried to post an image, but Blogger is infuriatingly insistent on being difficult, a.k.a feeble - is an earlier SJP flick, the '80's specTACKular "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." In it, she co-stars with a pre-Oscar Helen Hunt and a pre-bitch Shannen Doherty and tries like hell to become a regular on the even tackier "Dance TV." Don't remember it? Check out the clip below. Trust me, you'll wanna grab your leggings and bust a move.

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