Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leo, Kate...and Mary

The exquisitely subdued trailer for "Revolutionary Road" has hit the web. The only version I could find on YouTube was from "Entertainment Tonight"'s broadcast, featuring an exquisitely obvious commentary from "ET" anchor Mary "I want Vanna's youth serum" Hart. Please forgive her intermittent, "I'm still here, you're still watching 'ET' - in case you couldn't tell by the graphics all over the screen" interjections about the film's plot which, if not inferred naturally, are told to you through the dialogue anyway.

As you no doubt have guesssed, I am tremendously excited by this. While I've grown to love "Titanic" for its sheer beauty and watchability, I haven't been a superfan all along, nor am I ga-ga over this match-up. No, this whole project just reeks of talent and taste, and that's what's got me worked up. I love that this trailer even features potential Oscar clips (because you know Kate and Leo are headed for the lead performance short lists). Kate has such fire in her. I'm glad they let some of it out to burn up this preview. And Sam Mendes...well, let's just say this seems to be one picturesque picture. It looks like "Road to Perdition" meets "American Beauty." Thankfully, that's something from which no half-witted Hart narration can subtract.

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