Monday, February 11, 2008

Learn it, Live it, Love it

Speaking of rediscovering movies, two of my dearest friends and I watched the 1999 teen comedy Jawbreaker a few nights ago on cable. I had completely forgotten how much ridiculous, trashy fun this dark laugh riot had to offer; and how many sexy roles Rose McGowan had before she was gunning down zombies with her leg. There's so much to savor here: Jeff Conaway (Kenickie!) singing Tiffany songs in reminiscence of his daughter's innocence, Pam Grier playing to her strengths as a tough-as-nails detective, Judy Greer receiving a makeover that just makes her look even more grotesque, cameos from Carol Kane, Tatyana Ali and Marilyn Manson (!), and a soundtarck that refuses to leave my head even now. This will become yet another addition to my ever-growing and already massive DVD collection, if only for its infectious watchability. I tried to find a funny clip of the film, but the best I could do was the trailer. Yeah, the trailer, deal with it!

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