Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Rosemary's Baby' Steps

Happy Halloween, y'all. I've been trying like hell to get myself a copy of Roman Polanski's satanic classic, to no avail (yes, I know is always an option, but I'm determined to find an in-store copy -- don't I remember seeing them just last year in every Halloween bargain bin?). Anyhoo, in place of my purchase, I'm linking to a handful of articles on "Rosemary's Baby," the movie I wish I were watching today.

* Roger Ebert's 1968 review of the film can be found HERE.
* The Guardian calls it the No. 2 horror film of all time HERE.
* Terrifying news that Michael Bay is remaking the movie (news which, THANK GOD, was later denied) can be read HERE.
* The 2007 New York Times obituary for "Rosemary's Baby" author Ira Levin can be found HERE.
* Love this -- names Rosemary's little demon among the Top Ten Baby Halloween Costumes HERE.
* Nick Carr at The Huffington Post looks at the Dakota, then and now (well, 2009), HERE.

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