Wednesday, October 13, 2010

19th Philadelphia Film Festival preview

This year's Philadelphia Film Festival boats the finest lineup I've seen in close to six years of covering and/or being involved with film fests in Philly. The roster includes "Black Swan," 127 Hours," "Uncle Boonmee" and the lovely and heart-wrenching "Blue Valentine," which had the great pleasure of seeing on Monday (it's the love story of the year). Below is a snippet of the preview article before the jump.

FROM BUCKS LOCAL NEWS: I've never been so excited over a local film festival as I was at the press party for the 19th Philadelphia Film Festival, where reps from hosting organization The Philadelphia Film Society announced a stunning roster of hotly anticipated movies. Based on the hype out of previous 2010 fests and what I've seen myself, I've culled a list of 10 can't-miss picks from the crop of over 100 domestic, foreign and documentary features. You'll see language like “best” and “finest” used generously in the passages ahead, and it's no hyperbole, folks. It speaks to the quality of the programming of this year's event, unfolding from Oct. 14 through 24 at six venues throughout the city.

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