Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard Film Festival

Over the past week, the monumental, record-breaking snowstorm has allowed me to tap into my movie collection and revisit some of my favorite titles. It's been a real treat. I'm usually so busy catching all the latest releases, there's rarely enough time to catch up with older films. So far, I've watched greats and gems like "Children of Men," "Cache," "Notes on a Scandal," "Dog Day Afternoon," Birth," "The Deep End" and "Shattered Glass."

Some I've seen several times, others only once. All were as good or better upon repeat viewing, and there are plenty more on the shelves in my office just begging to be screened. So, bring it on, Jack Frost. My DVD library and I are more than ready.

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Brandon Schultz said...

i enjoyed watching all of them. it is nice to find some benefit from all of the ridiculous snow!

my mini reviews of each are at: