Friday, May 22, 2009

Divine Decadence

There's no real reason for the title of this post other than the fact that I'm watching "Cabaret," and Sally Bowles's delectable lines (like such) were just impossible to resist. What I really intended to post about were my obsessions of the week, and since Sally is always worth obsessing over, I may as well add her to the list. Aside from Ms. Bowles, I'm also crushing on...

"UP" - Pure cinematic bliss. The incredible team at Pixar has done it again. In 100 years, the titles in the Pixar canon will rank high among the films of our time that will have endured. The studio's streak of beauty and brilliance is rather astounding.

The buzz, good and bad, surrounding Lars Von Trier's new Cannes selection, "Antichrist." Roger Ebert gives the film enough horrifying superlatives to make it must-see cinema for me, while Manohla Dargis taunts with talk of animatronic foxes and a reign of chaos. I've always been intrigued by Von Trier, but never to such a tantalyzing degree.

This guy Adam Lambert. Apparently, he was screwed over on "AI" for being light in the loafers. And Clay Aiken can't stand him. He's ace in my book.

Not liking Megan Fox, the woman who all but represents the divide between gay and straight men's perceptions of women. Where Jasper the college jock (and, evidently, the editor-in-chief of Maxim) see the sexiest bad-girl actress since Angelina Jolie, I see an irritating, tattooed tramp who certainly hasn't earned the staggering amount of media attention she's received...not with her film work anyway, which includes "Transormers 1," "Transformers 2" and, I'm sorry, what else?

The incredibly addictive, exuberant rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" by the cast of Fox's new dramedy series "Glee." I think I've watched/listened to this performance about 48 times now. Feel free to do the same.

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Brandon said...

Yay Lea Michele in Glee! Way to promote! ALso, yay to UP! I liked this list. One question, though: Jasper? Really? Okay, that was two questions. Shoot me.