Saturday, January 31, 2009

"A SHOWCASE of Magnificent Acting"

That's what I had to say about "Doubt" in my original review. It's just too perfect that kitnkaboodle over at YouTube put together this hilarious video of Meryl's Best Actress SAG win for her role in the film. "World's Best Actress, come on down!" Funny stuff.


Jose said...

I actually feel like I've sinned or something for laughing at Meryl and not with her.

Crystal-lee said...

I made this ;) I couldn't help it. Something about the whole jaunt from seat to stage seemed to scream "One dollar bob!"

Kurtis O said...

The creator speaks! So, you are also "kitnkaboodle?" Or was that an innaccuracy on my part? In any case, if it is indeed your handiwork, I thank you for much laughter and a gleeful blog post topic. :)