Monday, January 19, 2009

Mickey Rourke is the New Jude Law

Kristin Scott Thomas said it at the Critics' Choice Awards (yeah, I watched 'em): Mickey Rourke is back on top. And she was right. The burly soon-to-be Oscar nominee is gonna be mighty busy in the next two years, lending his talents to at least six major movies.

In 2009, he'll star in two seemingly slick adaptations of two super-slick novels: John "Shakespeare in Love" Madden's take on Elmore Leonard's "Killshot" and Bret Easton Ellis' handling of his own "The Informers." In both films he plays a - tada! - tough guy.

In 2010, he'll reprise his role as Marv in "Sin City 2," match muscles with Jason Statham in "13" (not to be confused with that teen drama starring his "Wrestler" co-star and rumored - yuck - love interest, Evan Rachel Wood), become a comic book villain in "Iron Man 2," and reteam with his "Get Carter" buddy, Sly Stallone, for the Italian Stallion's latest directorial effort, "The Expendables." The latter, about a team of mercenaries on a murderous mission in South America, has a whale of a cast including Stallone, Statham, Jet Li, Ben Kingsley, Sandra Bullock, Forest Whitaker, and another '80s icon, Dolph Lundgren. With this many aging hotshots in the same room, "The Nondisposables" seems more appropriate.

Here are the newly released trailers for Rourke's '09 flicks:

and THE INFORMERS (warning, kids -- this one's Red Band)

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