Friday, November 14, 2008

'Christmas Cottage' Cheese

Here's an abomination if I ever saw one:

You read right. Thomas Kinkade, that sentimental sellout of a painter whose glowing renderings of snow-covered vistas now appear on everything from throw pillows to coffee mugs, has made a MOVIE...about HIMSELF. "Christmas Cottage," a straight-to-DVD holiday tearjerker named after one of Kinkade's most rampantly reproduced works, stars "Supernatural"'s Jared Padalecki as Kinkade in his youth and chronicles his rise to become "The Painter of Light" (a title that's even trademarked within the synopsis on the back of the DVD).

What a sinful addition to the already much-tainted holiday movie genre. What a shameful self-promotion from a man who embodies the problem of tasteless American consumerism (on that note, the flick will probably sell like mad). What an unforgivable paycheck project for Peter O'Toole (so much for those eleventh hour Oscar hopes) and Marcia Gay Harden (she can file this one away alongside "Welcome to Mooseport"). What a joke.

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