Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Am I Mad?

Because this is the new movie I wanna see:

Will it be a train wreck? Most likely. Will the poisonous Katie Holmes infect yet another unsuspecting film with her disease of suck? Without question. Will it be fun to review? You bet.

I don't know who spiked the morning coffee of Mad Money's casting director with Maker's Mark, but whoever it was, he or she has successfully nabbed my attention. What else could possibly explain the insane union of these three actresses? I have little to no interest in what this movie is about. Unfortunately, more often than not, a heist comedy is a heist comedy is a heist comedy. No, what I can't wait to watch is the semi-awkward, over-the-hill hipness of the glorious Diane Keaton bouncing off the totally legit, badass hipness of Queen Latifah while the dead-in-the-water, non-existent hipness of Katie Holmes tries desperately to keep up.

The trailer alone is a fail-safe smile inducer, if only for the line where Keaton tells Ted Danson she's "gonna have him whacked." I could watch it on repeat all day. And now you can too, right here (it's at the end, but don't speed forward, lest you miss Keaton telling Latifah she's actually afraid of her):

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