Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Post: Favorite Films

For the first posting on my first ever, very under-construction blog, I thought I'd get right to the point and answer that pesky question that every film enthusiast gets asked sooner or later. The favorite movie inquiry is something I myself am extremely guilty of; in fact, it's often my ice breaker when meeting new people. I actually think this is a terrible question, because at this point in cinema's history, with all the wonderful films out there to see, who could possibly settle on one? As an avid viewer, I could see something tomorrow that could become one of my favorites - striking me in some unexpected emotional way and changing me forever (it's happened before). For now, I'll settle on six. Six of my own personal favorites that have all had a lasting effect on me and my passion for motion pictures.

6. "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928)
A stylistic masterpiece that transcends time. Renee Maria Falconetti gives one of the greatest performances I've ever seen in a film - and it's a silent picture.

5. "Pulp Fiction" (1995)
This may seem like a stock choice, but I truly believe Tarantino's "Pulp" script is one of the greatest in cinema's history. It twists, it crackles, and it ushered in the movie geek-as-auteur generation of directors.

4. "The Hours" (2001)
Someone recently asked me what types of films I like most, and I replied: "Stylish, artistic pictures and well-written, well-acted intimate dramas." For me, this just might currently be the epitome of both. Oh, and um, the cast...

3. "Mulholland Drive" (2001)
Still the most mysterious and elusive movie I've ever seen. I own what is now nearly 500 DVD's, and this is by far the closest to being worn out. If it were possible to film a dream, it would probably look somethin like "Mulholland."

2. HBO's "Angels in America" (2003)
Aside from this being an epic masterpiece of an adaptation featuring talent to burn, "AIA" got me through a highly difficult and emotional time in my life. I just might know Tony Kushner's
brilliant prose verbatim.

1. "The Lord of the Rings" (2001 - 2003)
Again, perhaps an obvious choice, but I don't care. I like to consider these films as one, and that one is the single most astonishing thing I've ever seen committed to film. I feel priveleged to have been alive when this trilogy was created, and I doubt I'll ever see its equal.


RC said...

wow...don't know many who love the hours and lord of the rings BOTH. that's eclectic.

timart9 said...

Eclectic...a feature of independent thinking and creativity. Kudos.