Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cinema Cool

Ten style must-haves courtesy of the year's best films.

10. Cheap Food: The titular dish from Ratatouille and the clever confections in Waitress made for decadent dining without breaking the bank. And if rodents and down-home diner servers can make it look good, anyone can.

9. Stolen Little Miss Sunshine Property: Rendition director Gavin Hood tapped Alan Arkin to add to his Oscar alum cast, P.T. Anderson nabbed Paul Dano to play a priest in his drama There Will Be Blood, and even Sean Penn lifted the broken-down bus for the melodramatic finale of Into the Wild. If Tim Burton puts Sweeney Todd extras in little girls’ tutus, then last year's surpise hit will indisputably be the new Gucci.

8. White Jeans: Heath Ledger rocked a pair in I’m Not There, and August Rush's Jonathan Rhys Meyers sported them in his pre-umpteenth-booze-bust photo shoot for Details magazine. Winter schminter - be bold and match the flakes in ivory denim.

7. Amy Ryan: If ever you’re feeling like you’re not up to par, wrap up this New York stage-born actress and carry her around in your purse or man bag. In Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead and especially in her much buzzed-about turn in Gone Baby Gone, Ryan plays window-dressing like a pro.

6. Unconventional Weapons: Javier Bardem wields a bovine stun-gun in No Country for Old Men and Johnny Depp carries a straight razor in Sweeney Todd, proving the more creative the instrument of death, the better. So start raiding your grandfather’s medicine cabinet and your uncle’s barn, because guns are so last season.

5. Straight Westerns: 3:10 to Yuma and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford may have given the cowboy epic back to heterosexuals, but they still kept pretty gents like Christian Bale and Brad Pitt in the saddles. The re-return of cowboy chic may be soon to follow.

4. Cancer Sticks: If Keira Knightley and James McAvoy’s chain-smoking couple in Atonement and Cate Blanchett’s perpetually puffing Bob Dylan in I’m Not There are any indication, cigarettes are officially cool again. Extra points if you’re under interview or wrongfully accused stress.

3. Blonde Coifs: Michelle Pfeiffer and Queen Latifah both sported them to great effect in Hairspray, and Julia’s platinum ‘do from Charlie Wilson’s War was such a hit it made the cover of Vanity Fair. Highlights are a thing of the past - reach for the whole bottle.

2. Naked Brawls: 2006 saw Borat’s lurid, car-accident analogous rumble in the buff, but 2007 made nude sparring sexy. Viggo Mortensen’s bathhouse romp in Eastern Promises, Ray Winstone’s impossible body-double’s monster mash in Beowulf, and a war waged by 300 loincloth-clad soldiers confirmed that if you wanna fight like a man, it’s best to do it sans clothing.

1. Baby Bumps: Thanks to Juno and Knocked Up, two of the year’s best comedies, it’s never been more hip to be pregnant, and extra points if it’s covered in figure-flattering stripes. Ellen Page will likely be up for an Oscar, and Kate Heigl got to gab with Babs as one of the year’s “Most Fascinating.” So ladies, if you wanna be center stage, better ditch that morning-after pill.

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