Sunday, July 3, 2011

Links of 'Gold' and 'Legend'

I'm really enjoying whipping up my Cinema de Gym column entries for The Film Experience, and the little experiement seems to have turned into a weekly series. I like it best because it allows me to chime in on films I may not get to write about otherwise, what with everything always being about the spankin' new stuff.

The latest installments have been on "Fool's Gold" and "I Am Legend," two movies that align with two trends I've found in my gym's screening catalog: Matthew McConaughey and chiseled vanity (which are basically the same trend, I suppose). The "Fool's Gold" post proved to be a hit with readers, while "I Am Legend"...didn't. Ouch. We'll just pretend everyone's been distracted by holiday weekend plans. (Shhhh.)

Please give these fun little articles a read. "Fool's Gold" is HERE. "I Am Legend" is HERE.

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