Thursday, May 19, 2011

Link-a-thon: 'Hours,' Parties, Von Trier, Gaga

We don't often do the whole link roundup thing here at YMB, so let's give it a whirl.

Over at TheFilmExperience, I offer a post on "The Hours" for Nathaniel's "May Flowers" series. I looove this movie, and I was pleased with this piece, so I'm glad for the positive reaction from all those lovely TFE readers.

New friends Jason Bellamy and Shelia O'Malley both write up deeply felt articles on a particularly inspiring movie convo had at the home of other new friends, Keith Uhlich and Dan Callahan. I'm very happy to say I was there for the chat, and I'm flattered to have gotten fond mentions in both pieces.

Vulture has a list of the Top 10 Most Controversial Things the never-boring Lars von Trier siad at the Cannes press conference for "Melancholia." And the Huffington Post reports how his statements got him banned from Cannes and lost him a distributor. If this affects my seeing his film I'm going to be plenty pissed.

Lady Gaga releases two new tracks from "Born This Way" -- "Marry the Night" and another sax-infused tune, "Hair." Apparently there are more to come via Farmville? I don't mess around with such things, but I can't stop thinking: Does "Born This Way" have the power to outsell "Thriller?" It seems totally conceivable.

Finally, in an apparent quest to out-garbage Brendan Fraser, the ever-loathsome Kevin James will be starring in this summer's "Zookeeper," a comedy that may well elicit suicidal thoughts. I was just griping about how, given the choice, I won't be wasting my time with clearly-awful dreck, but I may just make an exception here. After all, guy's gotta fill his 10-Worst List.

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