Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Scream' Again

It's a little insane that I haven't uttered a peep about "Scream 4" yet. My obsession with these films -- well, at least, the first one -- was borderline unhealthy. My excitement for the fourth installment can't be overstressed. It's not that I'm expecting anything superb (I'm in fact expecting rubbish), it's just that for so long I thought all the "Scream 4" talk was simply rumors and hearsay. Now that it's actually happening, I have that little-kid feeling inside -- like when "Batman Returns" was released.

In case you didn't know, "Scream 4" brings back stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette and his wife, Courtney "Cougar" Cox; director Wes Craven; and writer Kevin Williamson. According to Dimension Films (whose Bob Weinstein is said to have initiated the reboot), the fourth installment is set to be the start of a new trilogy, catered to the changing state of horror in the new decade (hence the tagline, "New Decade. New Rules.").

The supporting cast, which seems to grow every few weeks, already includes Emma Roberts (as Sidney Prescott's cousin), Hayden Panettiere (as Roberts' character's BFF), Rory Culkin (as the new Randy-type geek), Adam Brody (as a cop -- with a lot of one-liners, no doubt), Marley Shelton (as another cop), Anthony Anderson (as the token black guy, I suspect) and Mary McDonnell (probably as somebody's mom). On Aug. 25, it was announced that Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin will also appear in the film.

The twisted thrill of these movies -- and, certainly, of hearing about the casting -- is guessing which pretty players will get iced and which will do the icing. My guesses: Anna Paquin bites it in the opening, a la Drew Barrymore and Jada Pinkett Smith; Hayden Panettiere gets cut to ribbons; Anthony Anderson martyrs himself; Rory Culkin hangs on for another installment; and Adam Brody and Marley Shelton are a sick husband-and-wife team who get their jollies offing people and posing as the case-crackers. Hey, that actually sounds pretty plausible! (I swear I haven't read the script.)


Nicole said...

Why yes... I do recall summers spent on the couch in the cabins watching Scream with a certain blonde little boy. I'm totally psyched for Scream 4!!!

Cara said...

ummm so excited for this!!! So excited I read the whole thing AND am commenting!!