Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your Movie Buddy gets a little famouser

Tony Rogers, my invaluable journalism professor and a 20-year veteran of the newspaper biz (his credits include The New York Daily News and the AP), recently asked if I'd take part in a little interview about freelance journalists for the Journalism Guide he writes and edits over at You know, ask me about film criticism and making little money and such. 'Without question,' I said. This guy has a lot to do with how and why I decided to pursue journalism full steam ahead, and he's always offered sound advice and insight.

The interview was only six questions, but it was fun to be on the other end of those questions for once, and that someone cared to know what I do for a living, and how I do it, felt pretty damn good. The little interview is now posted on, along with the handsome photo you see here. Best of all, the piece now comes up as the No. 2 result when I Google my byline, inching me ever closer to sweet, elusive fame. (I jest a bit, but don't know you Google yourself, too.)

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