Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lo Siento

I've been grossly neglecting this blog. In a meager attempt to appease the three of you who noticed YourMovieBuddy's recent drought, here's a little spicy eye candy, also known as...



...and Javier.

Adios for now.


Encore Entertainment said...

I thought you were dead. Not to sound drastic. but glad you're back. loving the penelope cleavage. could you head over to my blog and take the poll?

Kurtis O said...

I'd be happy to take your poll, and I apologize for leading you to believe I'd kicked the bucket. Hope you're still following my reviews, which are updated weekly at my sister site, Your Movie Buddy: Review Vault. Links to the right -->. :)

Encore Entertainment said...

Oh crap. You have a sister site. How could I forgot that... it's because I'm not following it. Oh well, that has been remedied.
PS. Glad to see you have HP6 a positive review.