Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pop Goes the Week

YMB skims the pop culture surface for tidbits of interest. Here's what I'm fancying this week:

The wonderfully absurd second season of "Paris Hilton's My New BFF." Or, more specifically, Onch, the airy heiress's flamboyant (to put it mildly) "permanent pet." Never before has someone donned a plastic babydoll headband with such -- actually, never before has someone donned a plastic babydoll headband is quite sufficient. Check out Onch's MySpace photo albums. They're like...rainbow diarrhea (which I think might actually be one of the photo captions).

Sundance Channel's "Green Porno" by Isabella Rosselini. Have you seen it? It's adorable, educational, random and, at times, pretty racy. Though this series 0f two-minute animal sex clips is now in its under-the-sea season, I prefer season one: insects. Click it. You will believe a bee can climax.

The whole Dustin Lance Black sex tape debacle (watch out, kids -- NSFW). This is a curious case for me. On one hand (thanks to this Oscar-winner's do-gooder cuteness), I'm experiencing some strong, save-the-smart-gay-lamb-from-the-lions protective instincts. Poor guy. On the other hand, you bet your a$$ I checked out those pics.

"The Graveyard Book" by "Coraline" scribe Neil Gaiman. I just bought this Newberry Medal-winning "children's book" today, read the first few pages, and I'm already hooked. Gaiman's language takes some getting used to but the process is delightful. And this story, about a Mowgli-like orphan who's raised by ghosts, is terribly intriguing. One question: What, praytell, will they call the inevitable film adaptation? "The Graveyard Movie"? It hasn't exactly reached the medium-transcending immortality of Rudyard Kipling's works.

Lady Gaga. Sorry, Britney et al. Ain't none of y'all other pop divas got nothin' on this chick, whose yummy, addictive bubbleglam garbage is consistently, butt shakingly excellent. I'm still nowhere near done with "Poker Face" (nor may I ever be), and now she's given me "Love Games" to play with, too. As photos like those in this recent Rolling Stone show, Gaga ain't the prettiest gal on the block, but damn, does she know how to craft a hit song. She' 100% pure pop. And I love it.

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