Sunday, July 20, 2008


Altough The Dark Knight has only just bowed as the supreme superhero flick of our time, buzz has already moved on to the next big comic book adaptation, director Zack "300" Snyder's film version of Alan Moore's critically acclaimed graphic novel, Watchmen. The Billy Corgan-scored trailer of the March 2009 movie debuted prior to screenings of Christopher Nolan's Bat-masterpiece, and Entertainment Weekly gave it the cover of its July 25th issue (below, which previewed Watchmen's upcoming San Fran "Comic-Con" unveiling).

I hate to be the one to crash the party but, to me (especially after just experiencing The Dark Knight), this looks a little too much like geek-o kid stuff (don't murder me, fanboys). The costumes continue that god-awful trend of what looks stunning in the graphic novel cell translates into near absurdity in the film frame. I may eat my words, and it's still way too soon to tell, but given Snyder's bombastically ludicrous sword and sandals tale, I don't hold out much hope for this. Others certainly do, like the guy who posted the trailer below. At the end, he's shown on the verge of tears and admits to almost wetting his pants. Yikes.

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