Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Love You. Come Back to Me on DVD.

I've made no secret of my affections for Atonement, a film that would have left the Best Picture race feeling mighty cold and awkward had it not received its well deserved nomination. Now, following its 6 other nominations and single win (for Dario Marianelli's brilliant score), it's been pushed up to a March 18 DVD release date. That's...this Tuesday!!! Not a bad follow-up to this week, which saw the release of last year's finest movie and appropriate Best Picture winner No Country for Old Men. While the look of Atonement's DVD packaging couldn't be more simple and plain (one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is the dumbing-down of smart and beautiful movie marketing design for the sake of cheap, home entertainment commercialism), and all worthwhile special features will likely be saved for an inevitable special edition, you can be sure I'll be purchasing it ASAP.

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